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En @MapIgnorance: robot navigation on Mars

Three main incorporations of physical robots are forecasted in our lives: transport, assistance and factory robots. Design and requisites of these different kinds are quite different, but one particularly is attracting researchers’ efforts: navigation. While transport robotics is located outdoors, the rest two are indoors. Outdoors machines can make use of a GPS (among other instruments) to navigate, but indoor robotics cannot and require extra aids to position and orientate. Among these, visual odometry system is the most used one for wheeled robots.

However, visual odometry implies assuming navigation errors and knowing the exact position of the robot turns to be a very hard task. There are two kinds of errors:

Si quieres seguir leyendo el artículo sobre cómo se orienta y mueve el robot Curiosity en Marte, puedes hacerlo a través de Mapping Ignorance, donde salió originalmente publicado el artículo. Mapping Ignorance es un blog realizado por investigadores de ciencia que transmiten los últimos avances de diversas disciplinas de una manera asequible. Un orgullo haber colaborado.


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